Hair Transplant Training Courses

Due to lack of Hair Transplant training Courses in India, Dr. Satya Saraswat has started organising such courses. In these courses, exhaustive hands-on Training with didactic & interactive lectures is provided to all the participants.

These Hair Transplant Courses are at present conducted at Saraswat Hospital, Agra & will be provided in other cities of the country from next year onwards. These Hair Transplant Courses are not just for doctors but for their Assistants also. Each Doctor come bring their Assistant.

We expect every trainee doctor to come with their own magnification devices.

Lectures consist of Basic Sciences, Medical treatment of Baldness, Setting of Hair Transplant Clinics, Patients, Preparation, Hair line Designing, Anesthesia administration, slit formation at recipient-site, Details of FUE & FUT Techniques of Follicle Harvesting, Graft Preparation, Graft Insertion, Post- operative care, Ancillary methods of hair loss treatment – like PRP, Laser, Mesothearpy, Scalp Micro pigmentation & Stem Cells etc.

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Meeting with Dr satya is just like talking to an old friend..very war hearted person and explained the procedure with utmost details. Never had any apprehensions regarding surgery...... Was an experience and have gained confidence in myself Regarding my looks and would recommend everyone whosoever is planning or even thinking about it..... Please go ahead in the guidance and care of Dr.satya Saraswat.. ;-).........

- Dr. Anurag -
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